Support when you get stuck on negative emotions

Do you often:

  • Get stuck on negative emotions?
  • Find it hard to feel positive emotions?
  • Feel like you cannot control your anger or negative emotions?

If so, it is good to speak to someone you trust about your feelings.

It is also good to speak to a professional such as a Counsellor or Psychologist about how you feel.

They can help you find strategies to help manage your emotions. You can get a referral from your doctor.

Image: 2 people sitting on a bench facing slightly towards each other. The people on the bench are talking.

Watch the video below to hear some tips to overcome having a hard time.

You can also speak to these groups for free counselling support:

Headspace Australia
For people 12-25 years old

Phone: 1800 650 890

Beyond Blue
For anyone needing mental health support and advice.

Phone: 1300 224 636

Black Dog Institute
Healthy Mind training in Easy Read (free)


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