Positive VS Negative self talk

When you say positive things about yourself, it can help you feel like a better person.

Positive self talk can help:

  • Build self-confidence.
  • Improve your mood and attitude.
  • Look at life in a more positive way.
  • Help you deal with stress.

Image: A person with both hands under their chin and a speech bubble that says ‘Hi, I’m Miley. I’m brave, confident and a good friend’.

When you say negative things about yourself, it can make you feel uphappy and anxious.

Some examples of negative self talk people might have are:

  • “It is going to be too hard”.
  • “I never get anything right”.
  • “People do not like me”.

Image: A person looking upset and down.

Negative self talk can sound like it is true, but really it is not.

Changing your self talk can take time.

A good way to practice changing your self talk is to think about the strengths and qualities you have.

Next we will do an activity to see how you go with changing negative self-talk into positive self talk.

Can you tell the different between Positive and Negative Self talk?

Please click Activity: Positive self talk, below.

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