Healthy Foods

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Eating healthy food helps our brain work at its best!

It can help you have a better memory and concentrate better.

It can also help you feel less stressed.

Please watch the videos below to hear about some of SACID’s staff healthy food tips they follow.

What did you think of the tips?

Everyone has different things they eat to keep a healthy diet.

A health diet involves eating a balanced amount of food from each of the 5 food groups, and not having too much food and drink that is high in fat or sugar.

It is also important to eat the right sized portions of food.

What you eat might look a little different for you depending on your health needs.

If you need some help with healthy food choices, you can speak to professionals such as a Nutritionist or a Dietician. They can give you some advice about what foods are best for you.

Your doctor may be able to give you a referral.

What are some of your favourite healthy food choices?

Next is an activity where you swap regular foods into healthier options.

Please click Activity: Healthy swap below.

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