Stop. Think. Do

1. STOP – Recognise the thought.

What are you thinking and feeling?

2. THINK – What can you say or do next?

Think of as many actions as you can.

What is the best choice of action?

Will this be a good choice for you and your relationship with the other person?

3. DO – Choose the best action. DO it!

If that does not work, you can STOP and THINK again!

When you are feeling big emotions, it is good to talk to someone you trust about how you feel.

They can help you think about what you can do next.

Image: 2 people sitting on a bench facing slightly towards each other. The people on the bench are talking.

Next we have a video of Raj and Henry. Henry will show how he used the skill of STOP, THINK, DO to help him make the best choice when he was feeling strong emotions.

Please click Activity: STOP, THINK, DO, below.

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