Activity: STOP, THINK, DO

Henry and his best friend Raj had plans to catch up for dinner and a movie. Raj sent Henry a text message to say he wasn’t coming any more. This was the third time he had cancelled their dinner plans at the last minute.

Henry felt angry and started to write back to Raj to say how mad and annoyed he was. At that moment Henry told himself to STOP.

He knew he needed to THINK about what was happening and what he needed to do next.

Henry realised he was letting his emotions impact his actions. He was not thinking about his friend Raj and the reasons why he was cancelling on their plans. Was his friend ok, maybe he was sick? Maybe it was to do with the time of day, Raj did say he doesn’t go out at night.

Henry knew what he needed to DO. He would:
– Call Raj and ask if he was doing ok
– Calmly ask Raj the reason he had cancelled 3 times
– Ask if there was a better time to meet or if he wanted to do something else

He was glad that he took control and thought about his actions. He realised that if he wrote an angry message to Raj it might have hurt their friendship. Henry didn’t want that.

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