Positive and Negative emotions

You can feel lots of different types of emotions.

They can be positive or negative.

Positive emotions are feelings that make you feel good about yourself.

Negative emotions are feelings that might make you feel unhappy about yourself.

Emoji Reactions
Image: 6 emojis forming a circle. Going from the right: thumbs up, sad face with a tear, angry face, excited face, shocked face and love heart.

Here is a list of some positive and negative emotions.

Positive EmotionsNegative Emotions

Have you felt any of these emotions before?
Can you think of any more?

Having a Strong Mind is being able to show your emotions, understand why you are feeling them and choose what to do next to help yourself.

A Strong Mind helps us turn negative emotions into positive emotions.

In this video, Miley shares some negative emotions she is feeling, and the actions she took to turn those negative emotions to positive emotions.

When we are feeling negative emotions, we need to think about ways we can turn those emotions around.

Can you think of things that makes you happy and excited?
How about things that help you feel calm?

Next we will do an activity where we guess what emotion a person is feeling based on their facial expressions.

Please click Activity: Recognising emotions, below.

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