Strong Mind workshop and book series

We hope that the Strong Mind series has helped you learn ways to stay strong, bounce back from the hard times and find happy emotions in your everyday life.

Image: 3 pink brains. 1 is hugging a bag of groceries, the middle brain is lifting some weights and the last brain is laying on a pillow.

If you would like to learn more, come to our Strong Mind Workshop! We will have more information to building a Strong Mind.

The workshop will be a place you can meet new people and talk about how you can build skills together.

Please contact SACID by calling or emailing to book yourself to the workshop:

PHONE: 08 8352 4416


We can offer online and face to face workshops.

Click here to check out our website and registration page to see when sessions are available.

If you would like copies of the Strong Mind book series, please contact SACID and we can send them out to you.

Image: Strong Mind book seriesHealthy Habits, Emotions, Self Talk, Think First and Feeling Happy

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