Gratitude – Being thankful

Image: 4 people standing in a row. The first 2 people have both hands up to their chest, the 3rd person is holding a a square with a heart in it and the 4th person is holding a heart with both hands above their head. All of the people have smiles on their faces.

A skill that helps you to find more happiness in life is Gratitude.

This means being thankful every day for the good stuff in life.

Finding a way to think about the good things is something you can do every day.

Some people do this by:
– Sharing a good thing when sitting around the dinner table.
– Writing down 3 good things about the day before going to bed.
– Doing some arts and craft of things they are grateful for.

You can do it any way you want.

Even when times are hard, thinking about good things in your day can be a great way to help you find happy emotions.

Watch the video below to hear some of the things our staff are grateful for.

Now it is your turn.

What are some things you are grateful for?

Be creative and make yourself a gratitude collage. A collage is where you have lots of different pictures or things that you like and you put it onto a poster. You can put this up in your home as art work!

If you make one, we would love to see them!

Share a photo of you and/or your artwork, and send it to SACID at or tag and share it to SACID on Facebook, so we can see your work and add it to our gallery.

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