Everyone has different emotions

Everyone experiences different emotions.

2 people can go to the same event but feel different things.

For example: Bill loves going to live concerts, especially to see his favourite bands. He feels excited.

Anji is at the same concert but she does not like how crowded and loud it is. Anji feels anxious.

Even though Bill and Anji are at the same concert to see their favourite band, the emotions they both feel are very different.

Image: 2 people at a concert. There is a band in the background. 1 person is in a wheelchair with both of their hands up and a smile on their face indicating they are excited. The other person is standing with both hands covering their face indicating they are feeling anxious.

Everyone can feel different emotions to you and that is okay!

We will look more into how to overcome some negative emotions in the next section on self talk.

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